Today went well, woke up at 7 to spend the entire day with Daniel.
It was also nice because my parents invited us out to eat. I like the fact that my parents like my boyfriend enough to invite us out, or maybe it’s the fact that I’m always with him that they have no choice but to invite us. Whatever the case is, I’m cool with it.
The most embarrassing thing happened today, & I didn’t even trip as hard as I thought I would.. instead I laughed it off and it became a moment, a moment I’ll forever remember and can sit and laugh about.
Around 7ish Daniel and I decided to hit up Fitz to see if we coud sell tickets for the concert, we actually made it a contest to see who could get rid of them faster and make the most money.. unfortunately we both lost lol because no one was going that early to Fitz plus there was also another event going on and that’s what people were focusing on. But it’s all good, we didn’t even feel like being there that early so we dipped out.

The night was ehh. Can’t really write about it, but I like the fact that Daniel and I forgot about the world and the drama in the world with sleep. I kept waking up because I had to be at Fitz. Surprisingly I arrived at the most perfect time.. I caught heRobust and Cherub before Gramatik took over. It was such an amazing show. In all honestly I believe I enjoyed today more than dayglow.. It was very mellow, “stoner type” as Mike would say. Gramatik had an amazing light show to go with their music. I LOVED IT.

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